A typical staff team of a small business. Which one is looking after Marketing and PR? Is anyone? is an entirely new concept designed to help you, the small business owner, make the most of your business by designing, managing and carrying out your own PR and Marketing strategies and campaigns.

I am Rod Fleming, and I am a respected Journalist, Photographer and PR and Marketing Consultant with a career of over thirty years at the highest level. In recent years however I have increasingly focussed on the needs of the small and particularly the “small small” business sector.

In that time I have come to realise some things about this business sector than many of my colleagues just don’t:

• This is the most creative and motivated business sector of all
• Huge numbers of talented, committed people run very small businesses
• There’s no problem getting these people to put in the hours of hard work
• They often have fantastic products and services on offer

BUT, and it’s a big but, their small size means that it’s all hands to the pumps. And they’re always chasing cash-flow. And sadly, one of the items—in my experience the item that consistently gets put to the back of the list when it comes to prioritising spend, is Marketing and PR.

Yet without good Marketing and PR strategies these businesses are dead in the water, or at the very best crippled, never fully able to maximise their potential turnover and profitability.

And I found out something else: these businesses put the Marketing and PR on hold because when they go to speak to the big boys they find the costs of the process scare them off. They say, “How can we spend two thousand dollars or more a month in consultancy services when we need to build up revenue just to hire more staff?”

Chickens and Eggs

They’re right. It’s the classic chicken-and-egg, chase the cash-flow situation that is the bugbear of all small enterprises. At $800 and up a day, Marketing and PR consultants surely do zip through the funds. And if you’ve put your home up as collateral so the bank would lend you money to start your business or buy new plant, you’re not keen to burn money like that. It’s a fair point.

So what are small and “small-small” businesses to do? Just struggle on and hope one day things will get better? Well that’s what many do, and some get lucky. Some don’t. It’s a fact that inadequate marketing and PR strategies are consistently cited as reasons for the failure of small businesses. The more ambitious and savvy entrepreneurs decide they’ll take proper control of their own Marketing and PR.

That’s a great idea! Yes! Go for it!…But supposing you don’t know anything about Marketing and PR? What then? is your answer

Well, you could take a course in Marketing and PR at college or night-school. Yes, I know, along with all the other things you need to do. And you need that marketing and PR strategy in place and being acted on now, not in six months. You could go to the library and get a book out. I can tell you now it’ll be very heavy going. Or maybe you could search the Internet. You’ll find plenty of “I can make you an Internet Billionaire” sites….But not many that will help you with your real, bricks and mortar business. That’s most likely because precious few of these Internet Marketing whizzos ever did run a bricks-and-mortar business.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve lost count of the number of small entrepreneurs that have come to me and said, “You know, I wish I just knew more about how to do this. I would put in the hours but I just don’t know where to begin.” So I got to thinking.

What if I took all the skill and experience that I have built up and put it at the disposal of these small businesses. Of your small business. Of you. So that you could go on line with a problem and there’d be guidance and tuition, what to look out for, even draft Press Releases and marketing materials that you could just download and adapt to your own needs. Even be there myself, to answer your questions, provide friendly support and help you. Well that would help, wouldn’t it?

So I introduce you to, where small businesses can come to get friendly, reliable advice and assistance on marketing and PR. is all about making your small business a success.

There will be loads of resources available to members. We#ll add more every month, from outline marketing strategies down to draft flyers. We’ll even show you how to do your own photography, the kind that actually will get in the local media and get published online. How to handle radio, TV and online interviews. Even what to do if things go wrong and you have to go into damage limitation mode.

I’m going to make it inexpensive, so the most people can benefit from what I have learned and the most businesses can use that knowledge to help them succeed.

The blog will always be free. Regular posts giving practical help on how to manage your marketing and PR will be backed up by YouTube videos. This is the start of something extraordinary that could help you to transform your business. Sign up now for regular updates and future offers.

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